SensPro ®

SensPro ®

SensPro ®

Unique type of intervention glove with technology for measuring the temperature of the glove surface and the temperature of distant objects using sensors. Several years of development in cooperation with the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen have brought the implementation of sensors and chip of the intervention glove to a new level, which is unparalleled in the world.

Temperature sensor

Designed to measure the temperature in the immediate surroundings of the firefighter. The sensor is implemented on the ring finger of the glove and protected by a DuPont™ Nomex® cover. The captured information is then transferred to a bar graph on the back of the right glove.

IR (infrared) sensor

Allows the temperature of distant objects to be measured. Located under the silicone cover on the back of the glove. The accuracy of the temperature measurement of the remote point depends on the distance between the glove and the point to be measured.

Laser pointer

Indicates the center of the measured area of the distant object. This helps to determine the spot the firefighter wants to examine. It helps to determine the path that can be used...

Bar graph

The bar graph visually informs about the current measured temperature. It gets the information from the IR sensor or temperature sensor. Even in difficult and risky conditions, the firefighter has an overview of the ambient and remote temperature.

Innovations in Holík boots

Innovations in Holík boots

Innovations in Holík boots

Long-term development of the Explorer sole, ergonomics or unique features such as the contour tread and grip system. The in-house development team responds to the newest trends and incorporates them into the latest models.

Explorer sole

A durable rubber compound was developed to suit the conditions in which firefighters routinely move during response operations.

The main features are:

  • Anti-static and heat resistant (up to 250°).
  • Non-slip and very stable on various types of surfaces.
  • Resistant to oils, acids, and fuel.
  • Self-cleaning tread.
  • Shock absorber in the heel area - shock absorption system.
  • Exceptionally smooth toe and heel - facilitates walking and running.


The properties of the sole and upper materials then complete the idea of ergonomics with their unique protective properties. An idea combining comfort and practicality. The emphasis is focusing on increasing comfort at work.

Ergonomics specifics:

  • High quality and durable upper materials.
  • Comfortable inner padding.
  • Superior internal space - stability thanks to free fingers.


  • Flexible segmentation in the ankle area allows the necessary flexion.
  • Special heel design helps the heel to sit properly and to lock in the heel.

GRIP system

Unique grip system for easy slipping into the boot. 


  • High-strength grips against tearing (model Lesná GII).
  • Special stitching prevents the possibility of a tear-off area.

Ankle protector

Protection of the ankles against impact and prevention of energy transfer to the ankle.

Important features:

  • Complete sandwich of protective foams.
  • A special combination of materials developed by the company's developers to meet the highest standards.
  • Complies with EN 659.



On request, we can implement heat and mechanical resistant chips into every Holík glove or boot.

An electronic product identification that can be used by the user to track the life cycle of the product.

RFID = Radio frequency identification

Contactless data exchange between an RFID chip and an RFID recorder/reader.

NFC = Near field communication

Wireless communication over very short distances of a few centimetres.


  • Manufacture of firefighting, rescue and tactical gloves.
  • Manufacture of firefighting boots.


  • Thermal and mechanical resistance.
  • Long service life.
  • Product life cycle tracking.
    • Warehouse tracking - receiving, dispensing.
    • Recording of wash cycles.
    • Disposal record.
    • Other optional functionalities.