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Red Dot Award


Zlín, 16th April, 2018

SensPro® gloves designed by company Holík International have achieved an internationally recognised award – Red Dot Award, in a category Product Design 2018.
Unique and functional glove design SensPro was rewarded by an international jury, which in this year’s event judged and chose the best products from over 6 300 registered products by designers and manufactures from 59 countries from around the world.

The SensPro are protective gloves for firefighters with implemented electronics and sensors, which measures ambient temperature of close surrounding of the firefighter and temperature of remote objects.
“Yes, firemen do have special protective clothes, which protect them against heat and high temperatures, but during extinguishing in such dangerous surroundings they do not realise or even perceive in what temperature they actually are. With a guidance of the LED bar graph on the back of the glove they get clear visual information whether the surrounding is safe”, explains Tomáš Pekař, manager for innovations for Holík International. “LEDs on the bar graph work just like the traffic lights – green, orange, red – caution, too high temperature”, he added.
The glove has special 3D anatomical cut, which significantly improves on dexterity and comfort of the user.
The whole system, including battery, is the first textile product, which is certified to explosive atmospheres. With gloves comes an app, which shows measured temperatures and allows its users to set their bar graph to their needs.

SensPro gloves restore firefighter’s sense of thermal perception and help him to protect his own life while protecting others.
The award is going to be received by representatives of the company at the Red Dot Gala award ceremony, which is being held on 9th July in Essen, Germany.
For more information about SensPro go to or YouTube

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