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Holík enters Medical segment


The decision of the company Holík to enter the medical segment has its roots at the beginning of the global pandemic. Our company like many other companies flexibly met the demand of the market and began to sew protective face masks.
The situation showed the need for European production of personal protective equipment and the necessary independence from the Asian production. After careful consideration, the company’s management decided to take advantage and start new business program Medical.

The first step is the launch of an automatic line for the production of disposable protective face masks.

We are currently finalizing the latest preparations for the massive production of surgical 3-layer nonwoven face masks. This type of face mask has already been tested in an accredited laboratory and meets all the requirements according to the standard for surgical masks EN 14683.
Production will start during August and we are heading for full operation in September 2020.

The full production capacity of the automatic line is 3 million face masks per month.

In addition to classic surgical face masks, we plan to produce other types of medical face masks, including nano textiles, and gradually expand the range with other disposable personal protective equipment.

Our current activities include the production of special footwear. 
Healthy footwear from the ITER collection is also part of the basic offer in the Medical segment. This footwear is designed for everyday wear for customers with higher demands on their health and comfort when walking. Footwear from collection ITER is certified as protective work footwear. 

As an established innovative company with a close connection between our development department to leading Czech universities, we intend to launch innovations in the field of smart technologies and materials. Czech technologies, Czech materials, Czech products from the traditional Czech manufacturer of personal protective equipment Holík International. 

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