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Protective gloves
and protective boots for fire-fighters

Protective gloves and protective boots for fire-fighters represent an important part of fire-fighting equipment we make and supply in different material, functional and design variants.

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Protective gloves for fire-fighters

Protective gloves for fire-fighters are the basic element of Holík International for building their own trademark on an international scale.
We make the gloves in 3 product lines: all-textile, all-leather and combined; in a design with long, knitted and Compact wristband.
Our company designed and introduced to the market gloves with a new wristband composition called Compact; protected by EU industrial pattern No. 001597147-0001.  Thanks to this composition, the wristband fits better in the sleeve of the protection coat, thus forming a compact unit.

The basic construction of the glove is based on a four-layer sandwich of materials such as Kevlar®, Nomex®, PBI®, thermostable leather and highly permeable Porelle® membrane.

Our assortment contains gloves suitable for use in any type of fire-fighting and rescue actions, as well as for children to be used at sport competitions.

For design and production, we utilise the most sophisticated technologies and cooperate with prominent producers of premium quality technical materials.

Protection gloves are regularly certified according to standards EN 659, EN 420, EN 407 and EN 388.

Protective boots for fire-fighters

Protective boots for fire-fighters form an integral part of the Holík company's fire-fighting program.

We offer protective boots made of ox grain leather with hydrophobic treatment in a version with 3 layer or 4 layer lining, in a variant with Sympatex® membrane or without a membrane.

Protective boots for fire-fighters are certified according to the EN  15090: 2012 standard.

Protective gloves and boots for fire-fighters

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