TARA 8517

Anti-riot gloves intended for special police and military public order operations - interventions during demonstrations, against hooligans gangs, prevention of conflicts  

Upper material:

  • Back: Elastic knit DuPont™ Nomex®
  • Palm: Goatskin leather with hydrophobic treatment


  • Impacton PU for knuckle protection on glove back
  • Leather reinforcement on glove back and palm
  • Special palm reinforcement with ceramic microcrystals
  • Shock-absorbing filling of the reinforcement – increased protection in the most exposed areas


  • Cut resistant knitted lining made from PES/Aramid/Fiberglass in the whole palm including fingers

Additional information:

  • Special design of the index finger with an overlapping seam on the back side of the glove for more sensitive weapon control and a longer lifespan of the glove
  • Touch-screen control elements on the middle finger on both left and right gloves
  • High strength
  • Flame-retardant
  • Resistance to mechanical risks
  • Sensitivity, flexibility
  • Snug comfortable fit
  • Anatomically divided palm reinforcement
  • Glove is tightened using a strap with velcro fastening
  • Extended length gloves to enhance wrist protection
  • Loop for hanging the glove on a snap hook
  • Light Anti-riot

DuPont and Kevlar®, Nomex® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.
Kůže WR Nomex Knuckle protector Citlivost-vlastnosti Fit-vlastnosti

Size assortment: 7-8-9-10-11-12

However, if you want to know which size your hand belongs to, follow these instructions, please: measure perimeter of your hand with a piece of string or an inch-tape (right-handed people their right hand and left-handed people their left hand) over your joints. Human hand is the widest in the area of finger joints and splint bones. Your hand must be closed so that the end of your index finger can touch slightly your thumb tip. This length in centimetres is the size of your hand and you can find out the needed size of your glove with the following table.

Your hand´s perimeter(cm)Glove size
14,2 - 16,7 6
16,7 - 19,2 7
19,2 - 21,7 8
21,7 - 24,2 9
24,2 - 26,7 10
26,7 - 29,2 11
29,2 - 31,7 12